Our Facilities.  Etera® is committed to green roof initiatives and the companies who support them.

As proof of our commitment we have 120 acres dedicated to Sedum varieties alone.  No other company comes close, or has even tried to dedicate product, establish national shipping methods and provide reliable customer support to the green roof industry at the level Etera® delivers.


  • Over 1,500,000 sq. feet of greenhouse production
  • 90 acres of perennial stock production
  • 120 acres of Sedum stock for bulk cutting needs
  • Facilities are located in three climatic locations for maximum diversity of product offerings

Mt. Vernon

Mt Vernon Facility

  • 24 acres of Greenhouse production including 12 acres of new ground to ground temperature controlled greenhouses
  • 2.5 acre, 30 station loading area covered by high-roof gutter connect greenhouse for additional temperature controlled production and loading
  • 40 acres of Sedum stock


Mabton Facility

  • 13 acre greenhouse, 7 acres of high-tech propagation and 6 acres of controlled greenhouse for cool temperature vernalization of critical varieties
  • 80 acres of Sedum stock for 8 month bulk availability




  • 8 acres of greenhouse, 9 acres of tarped production area
  • 2.6 acres of Sedum stock




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