Bulk Sedum Cuttings

High quality bulk Sedum cuttings are in huge demand for direct-to-roof plantings, mat production and other growing needs.  Etera® has made the investment by planting 120 acres.  Mechanized harvest and multiple packaging and distribution options gives you the source that you can depend on for your important projects.  Product can be ordered by the pound in one of our standard mixes or your custom mix in the percentages you request.  How we ship.

Contact Us at (877) 694-7613 or sales@etera.com to request a quote.

  • Our Sedum cuttings are carefully grown and managed from the day we plant until the day they arrive at your site.  We enjoy exceptional growing conditions that result in healthy, robust cuttings that are cut on demand, cooled, then shipped - all under strict protocol that ensures they arrive healthy and robust at your site, ready to sprout strong roots and quickly become established on the roof.


  • Whether you need 100 pounds or 100,000 pounds, your order will arrive in excellent condition.  We ship in boxes within climate controlled conditions, designed to withstand even the hottest summer weather.  Our extensive shipping network allows us to efficiently deliver your order correctly, fast and on time to meet demanding project timelines anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.


    View the Product Data Sheet for bulk Sedum.



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