Our products.  Etera® offers versatile programs and products for your extensive and intensive green roof projects.

We offer our innovative Etera SEDUM TILE Mat for instant 'on roof' plant coverage, 40+ Sedum varieties for bulk planting needs, and 72 cell Sedum and perennial plugs for multiple planting options.  

Contact Us at (877) 694-7613 or sales@etera.com to request a quote.

  • Plugs

    Plugs.  As the largest perennial and groundcover plug grower in the nation, Etera® has the capacity for the largest green roof projects.  We offer contract growing production of the most popular green roof varieties as required.

  • Sedum Tiles

    SEDUM TILE Mats    An innovative option for immediate on-roof planting and instant 'Green Roof'.  Our 12" x 24" pre-vegetated mats are available in one of our four standard mixes or can be grown to your custom specifications.  Our SEDUM TILE Mat can be shipped anywhere in the country and installed quickly.  A coconut fiber base assures effective rooting of plants in the tray and to the roof soil base.

  • Bulk Sedums

    Bulk Sedum.  High quality bulk Sedum cuttings are in huge demand for direct-to-roof plantings, mat production and other growing needs.  Etera® has made the investment by planting 120 acres.  Mechanized harvest and multiple packaging and distribution options gives you the source that you can depend on for your important projects.  Product can be ordered by the pound in our standard mixes or your custom mix in the in the percentages you request.


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